A Flower to Wildlife Corridor

A Flower to Wildlife Corridor is created by Forester Horticulture and Will Legend together. Sarting with a sunflower seed, the embryo breaks through the seed coat, and roots move downward into the soil, and finally a tiny sprout moves out upward to the soil surface. This educational programme inspires kids (suitable for all ages indeed) to gain fun, sensory development, responsibility, and most importantly, love nature simply by growing a flower.

We encourage kids to start with germination, and observe seeds germinate to create their unique wildlife corridor. The programme helps kids respect, and appreciate nature. It promotes peace, confidence, and lowers anxiety. Kids can get a closer look at life cycles, and wildlife. They can observe textures, smells, tastes, sounds, and colors as well through growing plants. This nature activity also gives a break for kids, staying away from screens, and cellphones.

Forester Horticulture and Will Legend also encourage commercial, official, educational organizations, and communities to support A Flower to Wildlife Corridor. We send adult plants of sunflower to your premises, and let you appreciate the power of natural environment.

The flowers not only promote awareness of nature conservation, but also create mini wildlife (green) corridors for insect pollinators, in order to provide them with shelters, and food along city’ arteries.