Will Legend Home for Bees

Bees not only contribute directly to food security, but they are key to conserving biodiversity. Will Legend encourages public to report unwanted bees or beehives around your home. While killing bees is the most common way that many pest companies will do, relocating bees to bee farms is always our first choice.

Make a home for bees, even a phone call can help!

Will Legend works with local beekeepers to save bees, and then locate them to a safe place, and let them do their work – pollination. We’ll buy back honey produces from bee farmers in order to sustain their income.

Nectar-garden for bees

In addition to the familiar honeybee, there are other bee species that are also important pollinators. Will Legend encourages you to build your own pollinator garden, we will subsidy you to grow plants, even small-scale garden. The nectar-garden will become a sweet home, providing nectar, and pollen for bees, and other beneficial insects, at the same time, you’ll enjoy a beautiful garden that produces flowers in every season.

Common nectar plants in Hong Kong are Hawthorn, Lantana, Pentas, Blue Plumbago, Chinese Hibiscus, Britton’s Wild Petunia, Billygoat-weed, Bidens alba, and Ixora etc. Some Trees like Ivy Tree is one of the few flowering plants in winter, and attracts many butterflies, and bees when it blooms. Butterfly larvae feed on host plants, Mandarin (Citrus reticulata)、Turmeric, Chinese Knotweed, Kwai Fah, Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) and Ramie (Boehmeria nivea) etc.