Will Legend Take-me School Donation Scheme

Will Legend believes that education is a crucial step in breaking the cycle of poverty. In the learning process, children can not only acquire skills and knowledge, but also learn how to be a better person. Education reduces poverty and inequality and helps everyone reach their full potential. It also brings significant economic returns to a country and contributes to a lasting peace and sustainable development.


However, due to various reasons, schools may be a luxury in some parts of the world and many low-income students struggle every day to receive education. Even in Hong Kong, many schools lack funding to invest in important diverse learning experiences for students. Will Legend particularly hopes to help these children and provide them with better learning opportunities. To achieve this, we will donate to specific schools and charitable organizations to show our support.

We are aware that besides certain large and well-known schools and international schools which are pretty well-off, there are actually many aided schools have inferior financial condition. For instance, school kids are lack of tablet computers and the student hall does not have nicer decor for better performances. In view of this, we make donations to raise schools’ standards, in terms of hardware and software, with the aim of providing school kids with better and fairer learning opportunities. It is because we believe there should not be hierarchy in education – access to more knowledge is not a privilege of the wealthy, nor is it cut off from the poor.

Through this program, Will Legend also hopes to embody our belief of “Love Nature, Love Community and Love People Around Us”. We want students to grow up with the ability and gratitude to not only care for the nature, which provides us with abundant resources, but also to love their families and those around them. They should pay it forward to children in need or other individuals in need, such as providing assistance to low-income individuals, and passing down the spirit of selfless service from generation to generation.