ETO Sterilization for Exporting Commodities and Goods

Will Legend provides ETO (ethylene oxide) sterilization for exporting commodities and goods like packing boxes, leather/PVC bags, papers to clothes etc. Contaminated raw materials, glues, production line, or high humidity in warehouses are all the favourable factors for the growth of moulds and bacteria on goods.

Ethylene Oxide is a gas fumigant which is used for killing bacteria (and their endospores), mould, and fungi. This gas can sterilize certain heat-sensitive and irradiation-sensitive (gamma ray) materials. Being an extremely small gas, ETO will penetrate most forms of packaging.

ETO Sterilization for Exporting Containers and Goods

Under normal atmospheric conditions ETO can kill any types of micro-organisms, sterilization time is set to 24 hours. The dosage, however, may depend on types of commodities, moisture level, concentration etc. Degas (Air wash) is required to eliminate any gas residue.

ETO sterilization is an ideal, and cost-effective way to eliminate both moulds and bacteria. The solution can be done by gas-in ethylene oxide into a container on-site in the factories. Our branch in Shenzhen not only covers the areas of southern China, but also extends to northern China.

Subsidiaries of Will Legend

Johnson (Shenzhen) ETO Service Ltd – China
Johnson ETO Service Ltd – Hong Kong

Containers and Goods Outer Packaging Surface Disinfection

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