Will Legend Nature School

Kids Love Outdoor Nature Activity

Nature School allows kids, students, or teens to take the lead in their learning through outdoor education (nature activities). Instead of teaching kids only at schools about nature, and the great outdoors, we’re much hoping kids can act as a guide and fellow nature explorer.

Plan Your Outdoor Nature Activity

There are so many fun ways to learn and play with nature. Forester & Will Legend have created a list of nature activities which are brimming with some of the best outdoor activities for kids, students to teens. We’re delighted to customize nature activities with parents, teachers, and educators together too.

Nature activities serve as a starting point for kids for the day-to-day adventures in learning, and give them the time they need to find out what most interests them in the natural world.

Examples of Nature Activity, Nature Game

Papaya Field Trip & Farming Experience

Papaya Field Trip is a fantastic place for kids to plant the seeds of their learning. Children can learn how to grow fruits and vegetables, and harvest foods (produce). This experience not only good for the minds, and bodies of kids, but also the future of our planet will benefit immensely.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

No matter pickup leaves, or flowers as they fall to the ground, find different colors or shapes, all these of nature scavenger hunts appeal to the child’s natural interest in discovering all clues that can be seen, heard, and felt in the natural world.

Bee & Butterfly Watching

Watching bees, and butterflies are an excellent way for kids to learn about the importance of pollination, and appreciation of nature. This is a fun wilderness observation activity for children from toddlers to teens.

Build Your Own Mini Wildlife Corridor

No matter you choose adult plants of sunflower or start from a sunflower seed (germination), you can build up your own Mini Wildlife Corridors (Green Corridors). If you have concern to grow flowers at home, you can choose to grow your Mini Green Corridors at our Mini Forest in New Territories.