Giving Back – Love Our Community

Many people are busy with their lives, and leave them with little free time to participate in philanthropy though they have a strong desire to help others. Will Legend has the belief of helping others and we believe giving back to our community is important. We think we are the fortunate ones and are well rewarded for the ability to provide what the society needs. While operating a socially responsible business, Will Legend serves a higher purpose than maximizing profits.

To Will Legend, love our community is to

  • Donate to charitable organizations
  • Participate in helping the poor
  • Raise poverty awareness

Will Legend Care Child

Children who are living in poverty, their well-being are always neglected, they easily lose their faith in the future. These children deserve from some very basic needs like food, health, basic living standards, and education, just like other normal kids do. Will Legend matters impoverished children because they are oftentimes the most exploited, most neglected, most in need of care and protection. There is no such an easy way to end child poverty, but with your support, we can help children to break the cycle.

Making Our Community A Better Place To Live

Living under the poverty line means that people are often going without basic needs such as food, clothing, and adequate shelter. Without enough food or proper nutrition, children are hard to drive their lives out of poverty. In order for children to have a chance at a bright future, they need to eat healthy meals every day.

In Hong Kong, many schools are lack of funding to invest in the paramount diversity learning. Will Legend is particularly keen on helping children in this, letting them have better learning opportunities. By doing so, we donate to specific schools, and charitable parties to show our support.

Will Legend Hold Me In Your Arms is a community support scheme, aims to help the social class with low income, and limited access to social support. Though donating money to charities is a common practice, Will Legend encourages you by donating your time, food, and daily necessities, you could be helping someone in need. i.e. accompany them, give them a lift to activities or doctors’ and hospital appointments, give them rice, towels, shoes, and clothes etc.