Will Legend Hold Me In Your Arms Community Support Scheme

Giving Back – Love Our Community

Many people are busy with their lives, and leave them with little free time to participate in philanthropy though they have a strong desire to help others. Will Legend has the belief of helping others and we believe giving back to our community is important. We think we are the fortunate ones and are well rewarded for the ability to provide what the society needs. While operating a socially responsible business, Will Legend serves a higher purpose than maximizing profits.

To Will Legend, love our community is to

  • Donate to charitable organizations
  • Participate in helping the poor
  • Raise poverty awareness

Love Community, Love People Around Us

Will Legend Hold Me In Your Arms is a community support scheme, aims to help the social class with low income, and limited access to social support. Though donating money to charities is a common practice, Will Legend encourages you by donating your time, food, and daily necessities, you could be helping someone in need. i.e. accompany them, give them a lift to activities or doctors’ and hospital appointments, give them rice, towels, shoes, and clothes etc.

Will Legend loves Nature, Community, and People Around Us. We advocate cultural diversity, and mutual support between people to make our lives more meaningful, complete and satisfying. By promoting the belief of Love Community, lasting peace and sustainable development of society can be achieved.

Grow Kids, Grow Happiness

Through educating the public, especially kids, it allows kids to grow as a person, to better understand how they fit into the world. Kids will gain a unique sense of purpose by serving people with low income and limited access to social support around them. Love Community is also a great way for kids to get to know our community, and to meet new people.