Will Legend – A Legend of Will

“A Legend of Will, A Story of Happiness”. Will Legend for us is “Happy And Healthy Life”. We often miss some of the simple things in life, which are health, and happiness. A healthy life means keeping physical, mental, emotional health, and even attaining spiritual satisfaction. And a happy life means making our lives meaningful, fulfilling, and satisfying. We believe family is among the most important factors contribute to a truly happiness.

Leads A Well Balanced Life

Since 2002. Will Legend uses “Allergen Analysis Service” to locate & identify home, and indoor allergens like molds, dust mites, VOC gases (toxic gases), pollens, and animal dander etc.

Will Legend customizes natural remedies for allergies. By using our green services & products to minimize or avoid the accumulation of home, and indoor allergens, this helps relieving mold illness (illnesses caused by molds), allergies, allergic reactions or symptoms like sneezing, itching, stuffy/runny nose, and watery eyes etc.

Will Legend also provides Green-deep Cleaning, Green-disinfection, Green-gardening, Mold Removal & Prevention, Anti-microbial Coating, and Green-pest Control Services.

At WillShop®, US EPA & Health Canada Registered Natural Disinfectants, Natural Cleaners, Allergy Relief Products, Local Fresh Produce, DIY Pest & Bird Control Products are also available.

While taking care of your problems and needs, inspiring you the ways to achieve a balanced living, meaning a healthy, happy body, to love people around us and, love our nature.”

Achieves A Balanced Living

Will Legend works things out as a whole over a single symptom. We not only solve your problems, but also share with you on how to live a well-balanced living, no matter from eating right, exercising more, protecting mental, emotional and even spiritual health. We believe “Everything in moderation (or the balance of Yin and Yang)”, means that there’s a healthy balance to your life.

Will Legend serves a higher purpose than maximizing profits – Will Legend cares about humans and, nature. That’s why while running businesses, developing different conservation, education, and community giving back programmes are part of our corporate social responsibility too.


Healthy Body

Happy Mind

Our Businesses

Will Legend is the pioneer to provide indoor allergen analysis services in Hong Kong. We provide MARIA® Analysis Services to detect specific allergens from 14 common allergens of dust mite, cat, dog, mouse, rat, cockroach, Alternaria, and the pollen allergens of birch, and timothy grass.

Green-deep Cleaning to Will Legend is that whenever we choose cleaning or disinfecting products for our clients, and services, we choose products which are natural, safer to people, and at the same time, fulfil the environmental role (sustainability).
Will Legend offers hospital-grade disinfection services, green cleaners, green disinfectants, and antimicrobial coating for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Current evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials.

We provide ETO (ethylene oxide) sterilization for common exporting goods like packing boxes, leather/PVC bags, papers to clothes etc. Contaminated raw materials, the use of glues, high humidity in both production and warehousing are all the favourable factors for the growth of moulds and bacteria on goods.