A Legend of Will, A Story of Sustainability

Will Legend Sustainable Development Goals

Will Legend connects governments, enterprises, education, scientific research and charity organizations, to build peace, justice & strong sustainable partnerships (Sustainable Partners), provides Sustainable Health Service™, organizes SDG & ESG Activities, Sustainability Trips and Study Tours. Through protecting health, peace & prosperity for humans, now and into the future, while improving economic and social development, practice balanced coexistence with nature, seek sustainable development for humans.

Will Legend National and World Vision

Will Legend uses “Let the Glacier Cool” as the starting point, practices the “Belt and Road Initiative” sustainable development goals for humans and nature, advocates to support The United Nations (UN) Paris Agreement, Water Action Agenda, 2025 International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation, World Day of Glaciers 21 March of each year starting from 2026, to take action on climate change.

Will Legend Social Objectives

Will Legend advocates “Love Nature, Love Community and Love People Around Us” at the society and community level – Will Legend safeguards the last piece of pure land on the Earth, let the glacier cool, let the ocean breathe, run through the pulse to wildlife corridor, draw a “Green-Blueprint”, build a cradle of ecosystem, breed biodiversity. Will Legend loves society and community, advocates children are the “seeds” to Eco Living and the hope for humanity’s future, promote cultural diversity, peaceful and inclusive communities, and reduce inequality to achieve eternal and sustainable health and happiness.

Will Legend Green Businesses, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Enterprises fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supporting Will Legend Sustainable Health Services™, SDG and ESG activities, Sustainability Trips and Study Tours, and Green Products, build green businesses and sustainable partnerships to enhance economic growth, and live in a healthy environment, creating a more beautiful Earth for our next generations.

Will Legend and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

No Poverty; Zero Hunger; Good Health and Well-being; Quality Education; Gender Equality; Clean Water and Sanitation; Affordable And Clean Energy; Decent Work and Economic Growth; Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure; Reduced Inequalities; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Responsible Consumption and Production; Climate Action; Life Below Water; Life On Land; Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions; Partnerships For The Goals.

Green Businesses, Eco Living, Green-Blueprint

I love doing something to help nature and society, not just for now, but for future. – W.L. Hung, CEO

Will Legend is a green enterprise that focuses on the sustainable development goals for humans and nature. Protects the health and safety of humans, and nature (the Earth) from the source.

Will Legend provides “Sustainable Health Services™”; organizes and customizes Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and Environment, Society & Governance (ESG) Activities; creates unique SDG & ESG Sustainable Health Programmes; organize Enterprise, Business and School SDG & ESG Trips, Seminars and Study Tours.

By building bridges and platforms for Sustainable Partners, Will Legend connects governments, enterprises, and financial institutions to build sustainability, peace, justice & strong partnerships (Sustainable Partners), and donates to conservation and education organizations, non-profit organizations or charities. We promote “Love Nature, Love Community and Love People Around Us”, advocate “Children Are the Seeds to Eco Living and the Hope for Humanity’s Future”, encourage and motivate public towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and achieve the sustainable goal of balanced coexistence between humans and nature (the Earth).

Provide Sustainable Health Service™

Will Legend provides customers with Sustainable Health Service™ – Green services that offer multiple service effects for home and workplace, including deep disinfection, deep cleaning, removing allergens, bacteria, viruses and common pests; and also protect nature (the Earth) and a balanced ecosystem. With the help of Indoor Allergen Analysis Technology™ (IAA), Will Legend can even identify 14 common indoor allergens, including the two biggest allergen culprits mentioned by the Chinese University of Hong Kong – dust mites and cockroaches.

Organize and Customize SDG & ESG Activities

Customers can choose to support Will Legend Let the Glacier Cool, Will Legend Let The Ocean Breathe, Will Legend A Flower To Wildlife Corridor, Will Legend Take-me School, Will Legend Hold Me In Your Arms, and Will Legend 520 World Bee Day etc., through the perspective of sustainability, bring positive corporate images, spur economic growth, practice ESG or carbon audit (double carbon target 3060, carbon peak & carbon neutrality), fulfill corporate social responsibility CSR, achieve Corporate Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, and jointly build a balanced ecosystem, and a peaceful & inclusive community.

Create Unique SDG & ESG Sustainable Health Programmes

Through donating to “Will Legend Sustainable Health Fund”, sustainable partners can choose to customize and create unique SDG and ESG Sustainable Health programmes together with Will Legend, for example, Will Legend Sustainable Cafe (WillCafe), Will Legend Sustainable Film etc. By connecting to Will Legend sustainable platform, sustainable partners can fulfill sustainable development and specific social objectives through conservation, education, and community giving back programmes. At the same time, promote “Love Nature, Love Community and Love People Around Us” in a practical way, to achieve eternal, and sustainable health and happiness, enjoy Eco Living.

Organize SDG & ESG Sustainability Trips, Study Tours, Seminars

By customizing exclusive sustainability trip and study tour itineraries, enterprises, institutions and schools in China and Hong Kong can conduct two-way exchanges, promote cultural and national integration, and improve science popularization and scientific research levels. Through the exclusive sustainability seminars, Sustainable Partners in Hong Kong can understand how Will Legend integrates SDG and ESG elements into conservation, education and community support programs, so as to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Everything Starts from the Source

Children are the “seeds” to Eco Living and the hope for humanity’s future. To nurture sustainable and healthy “seeds”, protecting and educating children are important nutrients. Will Legend advocates for equitable, inclusive, and quality education to build the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Will Legend is dedicated to creating an inclusive platform that connects different commercial enterprises, non-profit and charitable organizations. The purpose is to build inclusive, peace, justice & strong partnerships, so that enterprises can effectively implement the giving back to nature and society through Will Legend, and jointly practice the sustainable development goals.

Everything starts from the source, humans and nature (the Earth). The true meaning of Will Legend “Sustainable Health” is to return to the beginning, take care of humans and nature (the Earth) responsibly. Will Legend believes “Everything in moderation (balance)”. It is because nature (the Earth) underpins our society, economy, lives, and our very existence indeed, meaning humans & nature (the Earth) should achieve a healthy balance, so that our future generations can achieve eternal, sustainable health and happiness and enjoy Eco Living.