Will Legend Loves Community (Society) – SDGs, ESG & CSR

I love doing something to help nature and society, not just for now, but for future.

– W.L. Hung, CEO

Many people are busy with their lives, and leave them with little free time to participate in philanthropy though they have a strong desire to help others. Will Legend has the belief of helping others and we believe giving back to our community is important. We think we are the fortunate ones and are well rewarded for the ability to provide what the society needs. While operating a socially responsible business, Will Legend serves a higher purpose than maximizing profits.

To Will Legend, love our community (society) is to

  1. Promote equitable, inclusive and quality education and build sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  2. Build peace, justice, equity and inclusion partners to achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals
  3. Donate to charitable organizations and practice corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  4. Through Will Legend Sustainable Health to promote good health and well-being
  5. Protect and educate children to eradicate intergenerational poverty
  6. Advocate that children are the “seeds” leading to Eco Living in the future
  7. Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, help poor and the vulnerable
  8. Raising awareness on gender equality and poverty
  9. Promote cultural diversity, peaceful and inclusive communities, and reduce inequality

Will Legend SDG Ambassador For Youth

Build SDG Perspectives & Career Skills Through Internship Programme

Through the understanding of Will Legend® Green Businesses, young people can learn the business model with sustainable development goals (SDGs), so as to better equip themselves for career development opportunities in the future. The program also leads young people to practice sustainable development goals and social objectives, jointly build a balanced ecosystem and a peaceful, inclusive community.

  • Provide young people with learning opportunities to establish skills development through Will Legend new and unique sustainable businesses

  • Boost youth personal growth, employment, and entrepreneurship, build inclusive families and communities with sustainable development approaches

  • Connect with enterprises and financial institutions, build an incubation base of equality, inclusiveness and sustainable development to grow SDG and ESG talents

  • Practice“seeds” are the hope to Eco Living, implement the giving back to nature and society, and jointly promote the sustainable development goals

  • To inherit the sustainable future of humans, and nature (the Earth) to youths

All Start From Sustainability, Will Legend® Café

During the one-year internship program, trainees will be assigned to Will Café to assume the duties of SDG ambassadors and store managers. Day-to-day work includes store management and assisting NGO/charity employees to perform their duties. Another important duty is to introduce to customers, the meaning behind Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how Will Legend focuses on building new and unique sustainable businesses, and advocates the public to move towards the sustainable development goals.

In addition, the trainees need to practice the values of “Love Nature, Love Community and Love People Around Us” through the conservation, education and community giving back programmes of Will Legend. Build monthly and quarterly business goals by organizing activities and marketing strategies related to sustainable goals. Trainees have the opportunity to participate in a stage play co-organized by Will Legend with the themes of protecting humans, land and marine ecosystems, promoting a balanced coexistence between humans and nature, creating a more beautiful Earth for our next generations.

After completing the internship programme, trainees can also participate in the “Outstanding Enterprise SDG and ESG Sustainability Awards Ceremony”. In addition to being able to receive a certificate of completion of the internship programme at the ceremony, through the sustainable platform of the ceremony, young people can connect with well-known large companies and broaden their career paths in the future. Team members with excellent performance will also have the opportunity to participate in other sustainable health businesses of Will Legend, and learn about a real-world experience in business, and the success factors of Will Legend’s green businesses.

The Cradle of Sustainable Talents

Will Legend builds an incubation base of equality, inclusiveness and sustainable development to grow SDG and ESG talents. No matter SME or large enterprises, more and more of them are expecting graduates to have experience before hitting the workforce. The trainees that company management needs must not only have sound academic achievements, but also demonstrate developed skills in leadership, communication, problem solving and customer service, most importantly, a forward-thinking mindset towards the future (sustainability).

Will Legend connects enterprises and financial institutions through the sustainable platform, and in response to their needs for candidates, appropriate sustainable development contents are added to the training programme, including green finance, green management, green buildings, green products and services, etc. The purpose is to allow young people to have the opportunity to be employed by enterprises and financial institutions after completing the internship programme.