Will Legend Sunflower Station

Will Legend Sunflower Station aims to provide natural gas stations for insect pollinators such as bees and butterflies and builds “Sunflower Gas Stations”. Will Legend believes planting can raise public awareness about the importance of wildlife pollinators. People will learn more about their contributions towards sustainable development and bring a healthy co-living community among all living creatures for the future of human by horticulture. The programme starts with a sunflower seed, then it grows up to be a sunflower and becomes “Sunflower Gas Stations”. Will Legend will organize students to participate in the planting and let them learn to “ Love Nature, Love Community and Love People Around Us” by giving them a life education lesson in ecology and nature.

We encourage kids to create their unique wildlife corridor. It lowers the anxiety of the children and boosts their confidence. Kids can get a closer look at the textures, smells, tastes, sounds, and colors of the wildlife. This nature activity also gives a break for kids, staying away from screens, and cellphones.

Support  “Sunflower Station” Programme

The tricycle made by Will Legend implicates we walk to create a green corridor, provide a safe passage for insect pollinators and spread the message of nature protection. We hope to get donations from enterprises, the government and other organizations to let more sunflower seeds, sunflower plants or sunflower conservative workshop can go into more schools and welfare organizations at the same time. On one hand, it conveys a positive, caring and passionate message. On the other hand, this plan balance co-living between human and the environment and to bring a more gorgeous planet for our next generation.